Good Neighbor Policy

Good Neighbor Policy

Being good neighbors is a prime consideration of The Central Coast Greenhouse Growers Association (CCGGA). Representing approximately 20 local nursery businesses in the general Nipomo, Arroyo Grande and Santa Maria areas since the late 1980’s, the CCGGA spearheads environmentally sound nursery management techniques.

Many of our members live with their families on their nursery sites, and in all cases, the management staff are residents in the immediate area. We believe good communication is essential in establishing and maintaining a positive rapport with our neighbors.

In that interest, we’ve attempted to answer some questions that are commonly asked by our neighbors, particularly those new to our area.

How does the CCGGA function?

The CCGGA acts on behalf of its members in resolving issues that may arise with neighbors, and suggests steps that will prevent future problems from arising.

Is there someone I can call with a question or a concern?

If you have questions or concerns regarding a nursery, feel free to contact us at the CCGGA Hotline
(1-800-961-8901). All calls or messages left on the Hotline will be returned within one business day.

How do I know if the nursery is a CCGGA Member?

We require our members to post their CCGGA Membership Sign at their nursery entrance, so our residential neighbors can call our Hotline with any questions or concerns they may have.

What is the CCGGA doing about traffic safety and noise on my street?

In an effort to minimize the impact on our residential neighbors and promote a safe environment, the CCGGA has implemented the following measures:

  • Conducting an Employee Responsible Driver Awareness Program
  • Distributing Driver Education Sheets and Pick-Up Delivery Services to our Drivers and Vendors
  • Designing our delivery routes to minimize truck and employee traffic and scheduling deliveries, when possible, to hours compatible with our neighbors
  • Posting Nursery Delivery Maps on our Website
  • Posting Driver Signs to remind them of our Good Neighbor Policy

What is the CCGGA’s position on screening greenhouses from the view of neighbors or drive-by traffic?

As part of its Good Neighbor Policy, the Association is committed to screening greenhouse facilities from public view and encourages effective landscape screening by its members. Our members strive to develop landscaping that will not only provide effective screening, but will also accommodate the passage of light, which is essential for crop growth.

What is the CCGGA’s view on the use of pesticides?

The CCGGA has always promoted the safe and judicious use of pesticides in their greenhouse operations and actively promotes the use of “Integrated Pest Management” when possible. IPM programs often incorporate the use of beneficial or predatory insects that eat or disable harmful insects. When the use of traditional pesticides is necessary, rest assured that all of CCGGA’s members are in strict compliance with state and federal laws, which mandate very strict application rates, techniques and record keeping to ensure everyone’s safety, including the nursery workers, the general public and the environment. Nurseries are inspected at a minimum of once yearly and 100% of pesticides used must be reported to the County Agricultural Commissioner via detailed monthly reports.

Do you work with any other groups or organizations within the community?

As members of the community, we believe in taking an active role in supporting and contributing to numerous local community causes such as: The Friends of the Nipomo Library, school functions, church fund raising events, charities, youth sports events, the Nipomo Clean Up program and the Dana Adobe project. We believe our active participation in events such as these greatly enhances the quality of life for all who live on the Central Coast.

How do greenhouses and nurseries benefit the residents on the Central Coast?

Agriculture and the nursery industry in particular play a large role in actively promoting a consistent economic stability on the Central Coast. For 2010, in SLO County alone, combined nursery value amounted to over 94 million dollars.

What are the benefits of growing flowers and vegetables in greenhouses?

The efficiency of growing crops and plants in a greenhouse is significantly greater than growing them outdoors. Greenhouse growers can produce excellent quality and quantity of crops with fewer resources used, and at an overall lower cost of production. This translates into using less land, less water, and fewer pesticides — all of which helps create lower prices for consumers.

It is our hope that the information provided above has answered some of your questions and addressed your concerns. As members of the community, we and our families are facing the same issues and challenges that present themselves to you and your families. We care about our community and want to be good neighbors. We hope you will not hesitate to contact us at our Hotline with any questions or concerns you may have.