Our Mission Statement

The Central Coast Greenhouse Growers Association (CCGGA) was founded to provide a cohesive organization that acts as a good neighbor within the local and regional community, providing information and education to neighbors; other community groups or businesses; and county, state, or federal agencies. The CCGGA acts on behalf of its members in resolving issues that may arise with neighboring communities, as we work to coexist and enjoy the numerous benefits the Central Coast provides for both living and growing high-quality plants.

2012 CCGGA Scholarship Recipients

CCGGA is proud to announce the following  students as recipients of our 2012 CCGGA Scholarships.  Congratulations winners!

Erica Guido – Rabobank/CCGGA Scholarship

Kirk Wilenius – Nipomo Rotary/CCGGA Scholarship

CCGGA Scholarship

Alexandra Barrera

Daniel Hertel

Katrina Moldenhauer

Kayla Gardener

Ismael Barajas

Christopher Shogren

Hanna Carlson

Tyler Poole

Johannes-Wilhelmus Dobbe

Emily Mitchelle

Lauren Moss

Central Coast Greenhouse Growers would like to thank the community for your incredible support!  Without you, these scholarships would not be possible.

Make sure to mark your calendar for next year’s Open House,  Saturday April 13, 2013!