Truck Driver Info

Truck Driver Information

This Nursery Is a Member of the
Central Coast Greenhouse Growers Association and Supports the
“CCGGA Good Neighbor Policy”

As part of this policy, member nurseries work with pick up and delivery drivers in an attempt to minimize the impact trucks have on our residential neighbors.

We encourage all drivers delivering to this nursery to adhere to the following:

  • Always drive safely.
  • Many nurseries share our roads with residential neighbors.
  • Drivers must be aware that children play, people ride horses and bicycles, and walk & jog along these roads.

Please reduce your impact on our neighbors:

  • Please turn engine brakes off until returning to Highway 101. (If safe to do so)
  • Avoid parking near homes with your engine or refrigeration unit running.
  • Slow down in dusty areas.
  • Avoid using your horn when not necessary.
  • Slow when encountering children, horseback riders, joggers, bicyclists or pedestrians.

We encourage a slower than posted speed through residential neighborhoods.

This is especially important during times when children and buses are traveling to and from schools.

Please be courteous to our neighbors.

Overnight truck parking locations

The California Highway Patrol of San Luis Obispo has listed the following locations for possible overnight parking:

  • Hutton Road South of Cuyama Lane
  • Cuyama Lane at Hutton Road
  • Thompson Road North of Hwy. 166
  • Los Berros Road West of Hwy. 101

We appreciate your cooperation and your effort in supporting the principles outlined in the CCGGA Good Neighbor Policy!

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